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I have 11 years experience since completing my PhD, across various fields:

  • Containers, Go, Web Services - Currently I work for a fully remote startup developing the a container platform and surrounding services.
  • HPC & Scientific Development - I spent a total of 4 years in the High Performance Computing group at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Though chiefly leading web/scientific software development projects, I contributed significantly to all aspects of the HPC service, including system administration and user training.
  • Bioinformatics - I worked for 6 years at the University of Oxford and UT Southwestern Medical Center in proteomics bioinformatics. I supported proteomics services, developed analysis tools and workflows, and carried out computational proteomics research. My publications are listed on Google Scholar.
  • Machine Learning - I received a PhD from the University of Exeter in 2008, for work concentrating on the development of novel neural-network methods for protein sequence classification problems.


My skills are strongest in:

  • Go development - including backend web services and container tooling.
  • Python web and scientific development - including Django, Celery, SciPy.
  • Containers - I have strong interests in the practical use of containers across platforms, especially in batch & data analysis / ML workloads.
  • Reproducible science & workflows - Including pipeline platform development, Nextflow.
  • Training / teaching - I enjoy teaching and have contributed many session covering programming, machine-learning, HPC, containers
  • Machine Learning - I have a PhD backround in neural networks and ML fundamentals, and am currently updating my knowledge of the latest DL frameworks.

Other Interests

Aside from work things, my interests include:

  • Music of all kinds. I've re-kindled an interest in vinyl and 90s dance music recently, but am a big fan of alt/indie too. I am attempting to re-learn the piano, and really need to buckle down to learning the guitar!
  • Beer and making BBQ - both good things to enjoy when living in Texas.
  • Gardening and leisure cycling, to hopefully balance out the beer and BBQ :-)
  • Open science and reproducibility efforts.
  • Supporting free & open source software.

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